terms and policies

Our policies are made with the best intention to offer our guests the best in-salon experience.

1. All colour prices listed above are average starting prices and quotations by each stylist may differ.

2.Please be aware that there is a cancellation policy in place at Alexa Delsa, le Petits Salon and Make up,we allow you to move your appointment as much as you want on the same day of your booking, but no refund will be made on the deposit if there is a cancellation 48 hours before cancellation. Moving your appointment to another day 48 hours prior your original appointment is consider as a cancellation.

3.Complimentary consultations are available for all services.

4. All services are subject of 20% deposit to secure appointment.

   Deposit payable automatically when you book online.

5. If you didn't secure your appointment it might results in longer wait in a salon.

6. Your satisfaction is our ultimate priority; if you didn’t get what you requested please let us know within 7 days, 

we will invite you for a complimentary correction.

6.All prices are in $AUD and are subject to change without notice.

7.Expect a quote on services prior to commencement.


Thank you for understanding & supporting these policies.